Binder’s Environmental Policy – Our Promise for the Future



is specified as follows in the context of continuous improvement and fulfillment of customer satisfaction as well as optimization of our environmental performance:

  • Definition and monitoring of environmental objectives
  • Our environmental goals are listed below:

– Optimization of environmental performance
– Avoidance of environmental pollution
– efficient use of energy and resources

  • and returning it to the recycling cycle through planning and implementation of environmental programs
  • Commitment to comply with binding obligations, for example applicable laws, official regulations, contracts, requirements, etc
  • Promote and maintain the environmental awareness of our employees through appropriate measures
  • Communication of environmental issues, potential threats and contingency plans to staff and public stakeholders
  • Regular review of our environmental status through planning and implementation of internal audits

Here we act according to the motto

“Environmental protection is not an annoying cost factor for us, but an expression of our environmental responsibility”

By constantly improving our environmentally relevant processes, we are striving in particular, but not exclusively, for minimizing potential environmental risks, achieving optimal environmental performance, reducing our waste generation and for using energy more efficiently.

The observance and implementation of relevant requirements from laws and official regulations is of course checked and monitored by us.

With this declaration, the management and all employees undertake to carry out their activities and tasks in accordance with the descriptions of the management manual in order to ensure that the environmental performance of Binder Technologie GmbH meets both legal requirements and requirements of the customers.