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21 Apr 2023

Nadcap® Merit accreditation for NDT

Nadcap® Audit NDT – new status: Merit

Binder has once again demonstrated its consistent quality in the Nadcap® Audit. We have now also achieved Merit status for the special process of non-destructive testing (NDT). We already received this status for our welding processes last year.

Merit status is a special form of Nadcap® certification. It means that instead of the next Nadcap® audit in 12 months, Binder has received an accreditation that is valid until November 30, 2024. This form of accreditation can only be obtained after successfully passing multiple audits.

Nadcap® was founded in 1990 by SAE International and is administered by the non-profit Performance Review Institute® (PRI). PRI is a global provider of customer-focused solutions to improve process and product quality by adding value, reducing total cost of ownership, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders in industries where safety and quality are common goals.

Thank you to all the employees involved for your great efforts on this project.

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