InterAirport 2017

3D facades & interior design

The facade is both visible face of a building and advertisement. It represents together with the design of the interior and the furniture the ideas and visions of the architects and interior designers. With the help of forms, material and the environment, functionality and aesthetics are combined.

Cold metal with a bold verve, steel in flow, sustainability as borderless artistic freedom: this is the facade and interior design of tomorrow. Binder Technologie, located in Karlskron, offers 3D facade and interior design individually created from formed metal.

Whether you are looking for new construction or remodeling, we are your partner as we focus on visible individual accents, always in close cooperation with our customers. We offer a multi range of possibilities especially for architects and planners to implement elegant and individual solutions for the exterior of a building or for challenging surfaces and interior spaces to be structured. Regardless what style you are looking for, whether it is classic-elegant, purist-strict, smart, curved or completely unusual, rarely before have chances been bigger to bring to life your own ideas and to create real artwork for living and work. Of course, we never forget the time factor and offer sophisticated products with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Our team at Binder Technologie has great experience with one of the most diverse materials used by industry and construction: Highly complicated geometry is brought to real life with parametric methods of design – through to free, almost organic unfolding of shapes. Our specific knowledge is based on the experience from the aviation industry, where diverse forming processes, like the 3D fluid technology are used with great success. Thanks to our expertise, opaque, semi-transparent elements are created, allowing a wide range of possibilities for light control and diffusion. We offer a wide range of robust elegant metals – stainless steel, copper, aluminum and more. Whether you are looking for a cool glossy or warm atmosphere, you have the choice between different forms of surface treatment, like matt, polished, brushed, anodized or powder-coated surfaces in various colors.

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