Population informs itself about Binder company

On August 15, 2018, the local association of the CSU party in Karlskron cycled to the Binder headquarters.  “We just would like to show that we are a community that has good local companies,” explains Mayor Stefan Kumpf, who is also the local chairman of the CSU party.  Kumpf as Mayor knows the company. In the ranks of the CSU members and also among the citizens of Karlskron there were some who stated: “I did not know how much technology there really is involved.”

And this technology was shown to interested citizens in detail.  The tour gave insights into the existing production halls, visitors were given an impression of how Binder Technologie works and that there are interesting and highly skilled jobs.  Around 120 specialized robots will soon be used in production at Binder in Karlskron.  These robots will take over manufacturing processes, but by no means will replace the employees, explains Markus Binder, Member of the Executive Board.  Binder Technologie GmbH and Metallwarenfabrik Reichertshofen Karl Binder GmbH have a headcount of 240 employees.  The sister company focuses on the automotive sector.

Production area at Binder Technologie is doubled

Other topics that Binder deals with as a metalworking company are the areas of energy technology and self-developed metal panels for facade and interior design in the field of architecture.  To perform these tasks, Binder naturally needs space.  Therefore, the production halls are currently being expanded significantly from the current 10 000 to 20 000 square meters.  Completion is scheduled for the end of the year.  However, a look into the company premises also showed that Karl Binder, the actual founder of the company, had manufactured sidecars for today’s AUDI over 70 years ago.  At that time there was already a lot of technical know-how integrated into these products.

And this is where the company now continues.  Great value is also placed on quality.  Thus, the individual areas and interfaces are subjected to an intensive control: via endoscope, microscope, but also with the new in-house digital X-ray system.  This helps to keep product quality at the highest level and to ensure reliability of the components.

Martina Baur: Binder production impresses with bright and friendly workplaces

In addition to the local CSU members, trans-regional CSU politicians such as Matthias Enghuber – currently federal constituency manager and candidate for the Bavarian state parliament – and Martina Baur as district candidate were also part of the visitor group.  The district candidate, full-time in charge of business development, often visits small and medium-sized companies: “I think it’s great, how bright and friendly the work places are in the Binder production halls.” She was also impressed by the technical equipment that is used in medium-sized companies such as Binder.  “Both as a politician and as an economic promoter, I’m glad that there are entrepreneurs like Binder who are brave enough to innovate and are prepared to invest.  This is the only way to create jobs in the region, “says Baur.