The arrival of a new laser machine at Binder provides flexibility in 3D machining

Binder is perfectly equipped with the new TruLaser Cell 7040. A significant increase in production speed is now possible due to increased machine dynamics and numerous cycle optimization functions. As a result of the new laser machine, Binder can adjust to changing production environments seamlessly and react quickly to customer requirements.  The seamline system enables optimal welding control.

Modern control system:
The Siemens 840 D provides a stable and rapid execution of both precise and intricate work steps.

Applications include the production of low-oxide weld seams, even in 5-axis simultaneous operation. Due to the greater flexibility of the welding optics and high welding performance, Binder can reliably process a larger range of material thicknesses.

Data and equipment TRUMPF 7040 with Tru Disk 5001

Working area 4000 x 1500 x 1000
Additional A-axis On foundation, big
Probe Renishaw
Seam tracking Seamline System
Cutting gas option Argon
Cutting optics dynamic
Cutting gap from about 0,16mm
Welding optics MS0 100
Wire feed Binzel
Control Siemens 840 D
Prozesskamera Coaxial in MSO
Process camera Controlline
Laser Tru Disk 5001 – 5kW