X-ray system ensures greater safety during production

Avoiding series defects and increasing quality of the manufactured products. In the future, Binder Technologie will rely on the use of an X-ray system. “Thanks to the high-resolution X-ray images, we now have a well-founded and non-destructive defect analysis of customer’s products. This high quality standard is important. But not only in the aerospace field, which the company mainly serves. “It is important to us to continuously develop and improve”, says Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Franz Binder, managing director and owner of the family-run medium-sized company – always aiming to optimize his company. Thanks to the X-ray system, initial samples, for example, can now be inspected and the work processes in series production can be monitored in such a way that serial errors can be minimized or almost ruled out. For in-house series production, the use of the X-ray system will from now on be a routine process for improving the quality of the products in the long term. Through the use of X-rays, cracks, air inclusions and contact problems can be detected early by 2D/3D analysis. This way, it can be counteracted in the production processes in a target-oriented manner.

Please contact our sales department for specific detailed inquiries about the x-ray services via our contact form on our website. As a service provider, Binder Technologie will also offer the X-ray of e.g. metallic materials to third parties in the future. Thanks to the trained technical personnel, X-ray images of components can be generated. The company’s own X-ray system is primarily used in the aerospace section, but also in the automotive and energy sections.