Digital X-ray: Second special process NADCAP certified

After the approval in welding technology, Binder Technologie succeeded in obtaining the NADCAP approval for digital X-ray technology this year. The company has demonstrated its high level of competence in the field of reliable, high-quality, aerospace-specific welded constructions and, more recently, in the field of X-ray inspections and evaluations to an independent but industry-experienced certification body.

The certification includes the complete and clear use of process instructions, the qualification and approval of manufacturing and testing processes as well as the use of qualified and experienced personnel. The NADCAP-certified and EN 4179 /NAS 410 trained X-ray team has several years of experience in X-ray inspections and reliable standard specific evaluations of inspected parts. Regular self-audits, a structured error management system as well as the audit by the certification body guarantee the high standards in the field of welding technology and in the field of digital X-ray technology.

With its extensive experience in the aviation industry, Binder Technologie has been able to continuously expand and further develop its quality service in the field of special processes. At its headquarters in Brautlach, the company offers professional QA services and is available as a service provider in the field of X-ray inspection of e.g. metallic materials.  The company’s in-house X-ray system is primarily used in the aerospace sector, but also in the automotive and energy sectors.

For detailed inquiries regarding X-ray services, please contact the sales department, the contact form can be found at

Performance Review Institute (PRI)/Nadcap